JSC “Uniko Projektai” – young, innovative, fast growing company that design and manufacture furniture for private houses, flats, offices, shopping centers, restaurants and etc.

We love challenges, we interested in innovations and we always use it in our daily works. Everydays challenges push us forward.

Uniko – a team, which can make your dreams come true!

We are strong, youthfull and experienced professionals team, which always finds reliable and effective solutions even for your craziest ideas!

Our competent staff always does their job precisely, so our furniture gives pleasure to our customers for years.

We are not looking for problems, we solve them!



1We are concentrated on modern,
exclusive design,
high-quality furniture.

2We improve ourselves constantly
and learn from the bests,
therefore we participate in furniture
exhibitions and seminars all over Europe.

3We have over 15 years experience
of working in various countries around the world.

4We give a lot of attention for improvement
of production processes and constantly
updating their technical capabilities.

5We use only the highest quality
materials to ensure the best
results for our costumers.

6All processes we do by
ourselves – design, engineering
and manufacturing.

7For our products we can offer
not only standard warranty but
also after warranty service.

8We always trying to find the best solution
that fits your vision and financial opportunities.

Joy of the low price lasts
less than sadness of bad quality!

Joy of the low price lasts
less than sadness of bad quality!